How to add your film project.


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Common Questions

What is it?

A film project on Shortverse is a free, beautiful webpage for your film. Your page can contain all of your film's details like honors, cast & crew, gallery images, trailer, and contact info. You have full control over the privacy of your film at all times and can even share a private screener link with individuals.

Get Started

Choose Add a Project at the top of the page or open My Projects and choose Add Film Project.

<aside> 🛠️ Pro Tip: Make your film page early! Don't wait until your film is released or even completed. You can start a page on Shortverse to begin gathering followers who you can notify once your film premieres.



Video Link

Add the link to your hosted video. We recommend using either Vimeo or YouTube. This link should be the page url and not the embed code (example: Note that custom share links (…/user/myfilm) are not embeddable and will not work.

<aside> ⚙ Video Embed Settings For your film to play on Shortverse, please use the following settings:

Vimeo: Link: Password, Hide From Video, or Public Embed: Anywhere

Youtube: Visibility: Public or Unlisted Embed: Allow embedding


Video Privacy Setting

🔒 Private

Film link can not be viewed by others. It can be viewed by sharing a private screener link (see below).

🌎 Public

Film link can be viewed by others.


Add additional details to make your short film more discoverable.